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Ask Yourself Questions The stressor: You've seen your friends' marriages, and worry that you'll end up with the wrong person. Beat that stress: Ask yourself a few essential questions. That probably qualifies her as a keeper. Call a Time Out The stressor: Your boss is hassling you, and you're about to explode. Beat that stress: Call a time out. If you're in the thick of battle, go wash your hands. Removing yourself provides the chance to think and not say the wrong thing. While you're gone, let yourself be upset. "Anger and agitation tend to be shortlived when you let them play out internally," says Melissa Blacker, a director of professional training at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts medical school. When you're calm, go to your boss and say, "What can I do to help work this out?" He's probably braced for a fight, so he's bound to welcome the collaborative tone. At the very least, you've expressed yourself. Letting your anger fester increases the chance you'll overreact. (Or try these steps to Have Your Boss Hear You Out.) Give Yourself Time to Grieve The stressor: Your dad died and you don't know what to do. Beat that stress: For 2 days every week, schedule 10 minutes to grieve. Unless you plan, it's too easy to dodge the sadnessespecially in the first couple of months after the funeral. And taking control of the process prevents unresolved issues from lingering. Shoot for early evening, when anything kicked up won't affect your sleep. Take a 5minute walk to unwind, then pull out photos to bring the departed front and center. Now hit the gym. It'll end the grieving session, and the endorphins will lift your mood. Overall, doing the two activities will model what you're striving forthe knowledge that sad and happy can coexist. Make a Grateful List The stressor: Your todo list at work reads like a phone book, except it's less interesting. Beat that stress: Add 10 more entries. Here's how actor Craig Bierko, most recently of Boston Legal fame, keeps his lid from flipping. "First, I keep in mind that onthejob stress is an indication that I'm doing well. I could certainly experience far less stress lying around all day watching Ellen reruns. Then I practice something called 'the grateful flow.' It's far cheaper than Prozac. I list ten things for which I'm grateful. Remind yourself of the friend who's always been there, the fact that you can afford your next meal. And include your job. Sure, it's the reason you're making the list in the first place. But where would you be without it?" Focus on the Now The stressor: Your team's success (or failure) is hanging on your performance in the ultimate contest. Beat that stress: Focus on the now as well as the later. Martin Brodeur, star goalie for the New Jersey Devils, uses these techniques when he faces game 7 in the playoffs: "When it becomes stressful, I overbreathe. That opens up everything and makes me aware of the situation I'm in. I also make sure my feet are together as much as possible and that they're really under me. With my feet together, I'm compact. It's less tiring, and I'm lighter on my skates. As for when I'm not on the ice? Before game 7 of the 2003 Stanley Cup finals I booked a vacation online. It took me out of the anxiety of facing a game 7." (The Devils won that game, 30.) Be Meticulous When You Prep The stressor: You're due at Grandma's, the storm is roaring, and you need to pilot the clan safely. Beat that stress: Be meticulous in your preflight prep. That's what Rob Kinkade, a bush pilot, does before taking off for what he calls a "rodeo day" in the bucking bronco of Alaska's airspace. "If I know it'll be rough out there, I'll meticulously check everything two or three timesthe flight plans, my fuel, the wings. It gives me peace of mind. If I take care of the downside first, the upside will take care of itself. If it's rough and I see people worrying, I'll sing or make a joke or grab the stick with one hand and drink a soda with the other, to show that it's not affecting me, even if it is. I'm lightening my mood, and it's kind of contagious." Take Your Kid on a Long Car Ride The stressor: Your kid's stressing but won't tell you what it's about. Beat that stress: Take him on a long car ride. It's private, and there's little else to do but talk. Start out casually, and eventually bring up the struggles you faced at his age. He'll either identify or tell you that it's completely different now. Either way, the opening is there to gently find out which of three areasschool, friends, or familyisn't working. (New Dad? Try these 5 Easy Rules to Protect Your New Baby.) Go Into Training The stressor: You have to make your case or lose the day. Beat that stress: Before the straining, go into training. Steven D. Benjamin, a criminaldefense attorney in Richmond, Virginia, believes that discipline always carries the day. "Before the trial starts, everything in my life becomes more regimented. I don't drink or go out, and I become more obsessive than usual about my workout. A trial is an endurance event, and training for it makes me much more alert. I also take care of my team members. I can't see everything at trial. They're my auxiliary hard drive, and they give me peace of mind." Cheap Ugg Boots on sale at our Discount UGGs clearance outlet. We are trying to help you find the right and Cheap Uggs. Most likely you will find a cheap and .ugg bailey button triplet sale,uggs boots for sale,ugg bailey boots,discount ugg outlet.