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uggs boots australia|ugg shipping uggs boots australia,ugg shipping,shoe uggs,ugg boots mens,ugg wedding boots,ugg cove boots 20 MB LLC Die Unlike Core i7 "Sandy BridgeE," chips, which were quadcore or sixcore parts cutdown from a common silicon shared with Xeon "Sandy BridgeEP," which physically features eight cores and 20 MB of L3 cache; the upcoming Core i7 "Ivy BridgeE" is based on a silicon that physically features just six cores, and 15 MB (or maybe 16 MB) of L3 cache. On the Core i74960X Extreme Edition, practically no component on the die is disabled. The Core i74930K features just 12 MB of L3 cache, while the Core i74820K features two out of six cores disabled, and just 10 MB of L3 cache. "Ivy BridgeE" is a variant of one of three large 22 nm dies Intel designed, based on the "Ivy Bridge" microarchitecture, next to a 10core die with 25 MB of L3 cache, and a 12core die with 30 MB of L3 cache. Aside from up to six cores, "Ivy BridgeE" features a PCIExpress gen 3.0 certified rootcomplex (certified in way that NVIDIA would approve of), and a quadchannel (256bit wide) DDR3 integrated memory controller, with native support for DDR31866. Intel's Core i7 "Ivy BridgeE" series should launch on or before the 10th of September. IMO, not worth upgrade but maybe worth it if building / buying a new system depending on your needs. HaswellE looks interesting and I have higher expectations for it but I would expect the same trifecta of processor release for the platform with similar pricing as we have seen in the past. Meaning two 8 Core processors and maybe a 6 core entry level with a $1000, $550 to $600 and $300 pricing scheme respectively. In other words people will likely have to pay outside of their typical comfort zone to have an Intel 8 Core HaswellE processor and that doesn't include the price of motherboards (which are likely to cost more) and quasi new DDR4 RAM. Start saving now unless you are already sitting on a pile of cash,. arc to date. I'd like to see a new chipset over the old X79 but as I have said before in other threads I have seen not so much as a single leak of a new chipset for the current LGA2011 platform. Therefore I don't really expect to see anything new in that respect especially at this late date (August with launch set in September). I don't think such an update would be of much benefit to you unless you have some special need of more cores and maxing the RAM beyond what is available on your current system. $1000 for the Core i7 4960K processor alone is enough to keep most people away,. Posted on Aug 12th 2013, 23:00 I'll keep my X79 board and 3930k. I just recently got the thing to overclock stably (had to switch motherboards), and 4 GHz with 12 threads isn't too shabby for a constantly run computer. If Intel wants to impress they need to release X89 (or whatever they'd call it). Fully SATA III, 10 SATA ports, and the overheating issues dealt with. Without that I'm of the opinion that IBe is too late for power users, and doesn't offer enough of an upgrade over Haswell for most consumers. It's sad. First Intel screws around with the thermal paste, then they take too long to release something for their "enthusiast" consumers. Hopefully Haswelle is good, but at this rate (even with the rumors that Broadwell was delayed) we won't see is it until late 2015. Cheap Discount ugg boots Outlet Online Shop Shop ugg for cheap In Our ugg australia Shop All Buyer Could Enjoy High Discount ugg boots UK Sale.shoe uggs,ugg boots mens,ugg wedding boots,ugg cove boots.